Monday, July 23, 2018

My story so far

               I am Charles from India. My father was a Church priest. God blessed my family in every way possible. My dad purchased a land to build to build a Church and a home for the elderly. Though everything went well in the initial phase as planned. There was huge hiccup, my dad once travels to Srilanka for preaching the word of God. In such a time, he handover the control of the church and the building work of the new church in hands of people in our church, during one of those moments a member of our church cheated my dad and took control of the Land.

                We lost everything over night and we owed a lot of money to a lot of people because of the loss. My dad had to pay a lot of interest towards the loan which He bought for the construction of the Land. Dad continued to minister even then, but he had two attacks because of the incident. My mom developed Inflammatory bowel disease as she often skipped food and fasted which later turned to cancer and her large intestine was removed. In between that I managed to complete school .  In 2013, as the pressure of debt grew my dad couldn't handle it  and he had a stroke in which his entire left side was paralyzed and he was bedridden.

        We struggled a lot through that phase because no one in our family was earning anything , we have provide for my dad's treatment, my mom's cancer medicine and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We went without food for days, we were helpless. My dad was bedridden for 10 months. In 2014, my dad got freed from the world , we didn't know what to do.  We didn't have any money to survive and the pressure of the whole debt weighed on us along with the debt got for my dad's treatment.

            By the grace of God I found a job which just pays for our food and shelter. But the entire debt is bestowed upon me , the weight of which I couldn't carry. In this situation I have to take care of my mom's medical bills and I am going on without insulin for more than a  year now. The Job which I am in currently pays me 250 usd a month.

     I have no idea how I am going to get rid of this huge debt which I have to clear. I have four personal loans which I am paying interest for + the debt for my dad's medical bill and at last the debt which was incurred because of the lost land. Many a times I thought of ending my life but its against my religious beliefs, I still have some hope left that the work which my dad did for God wont go unanswered.

     If you are reading this, please help me to overcome this difficult situation. I am still working hard everyday despite my bad health condition. Help me and my family in this hardship, I will be thankful for your help

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